~February 9th @ 9am: ‘Growing Fruit In Louisiana’ Seminar, Dr. Charlie Graham, LSU Agricultural Agent & Fruit/Citrus/Pecan Expert.
Learn the secrets of growing Fruits, Citrus, Nuts & Berries in NW Louisiana!

~March 2nd @ 9am: ‘Square Foot Gardening’ Seminar, Mr. Dwain Spillman, Louisiana Gardening Expert.
Grow all you want in only 20% of the space with this easy system adapting to every level of experience and physical ability!

~March 9th @ 9am: ‘Worm Composting Is Fun!’ Hands-On Workshop, Mr. Dwain Spillman, Louisiana Gardening Expert.
Build a worm composting container with us (all materials & worms included) and learn all you need to know to start composting with worms!

~March 16th @ 9am: ’Dig In! Louisiana Veggie Gardening!’, Master Gardener.
Learn the techniques to successful Vegetable Gardening in Louisiana. You don’t need a ‘Green Thumb’ to pick fresh veggies all year long!

~March 23rd @ 9am: ‘For The Love Of Herbs!’, Ms. Rose Kelly, Herb Gardening Expert.
Discover the absolute joy of Herb Gardening with these simple techniques of planting, growing and everyday culinary use!


*Make-N-Take Container Gardening Workshops 1-3 pm*
arch 30th.1-3 pm,
~April 6th 1-3 pm,  14th 1-3 pm

*Bring your own containers or choose from our selection, and we'll provide our special planting mix, fertilizer and expert instruction for FREE!
Your only cost is the plants and containers you select! Let's play in the dirt together!