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The Flowers Of Tomorrow...
January 22, 2015

To be a Gardener is to know the pleasures a garden bestows, the explosion of color and fragrances that allow us to draw near and bask in it's simple beauty. Join us, Robert and Kim, as we venture into this New Year of Learning, Growing, and Gardening!

Our Gardening Seminars not only teach simple Gardening Techniques, they bring together like minded people who share the same goals...To Be Successful Gardeners...MORE>>
Tickle The Earth!
February 6, 2015

"Tickle the earth with a hoe, it will laugh a harvest."

Join us for 'All About Growing Fruit'
Gardening Seminar this Saturday @ 10 am...

The Garden's Greatest Gift...
March 6, 2015

The Greatest Gift Of The Garden Is
The Restoration Of The Five Senses!

Square Foot and Moon Gardening Seminar
This Saturday @ 10 am

Beautiful Spring!
April 16, 2015

'It's Spring Fever! You Don't Quite Know What It Is You Want,
But It Just Fairly MakesYour Heart Ache,You Want It So!
' ~Mark Twain

'The Art Of Container Gardening' Workshop
Join Us Saturday For This Hands On Fun Filled Workshop!
Starting At 9 am. until 5 pm. Learn More Here!