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  PERENNIALS are plants that die back and rest each year and return the following season with new growth.
With an endless choice of shapes, sizes, leaf textures, flower colors, and heights the uses are endless.
Many perennials bloom throughout the season, but some do not, so choosing which combinations will suit your garden needs is important. Also, maintaining your perennials will ensure gorgeous garden year round.  Click Here for our Perennial Maintenace Guide.  
As an added bonus many perennials make great cut flowers, attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Annual Page

Abutilon Pictum
Flowering Maple

Single flowers are extremely high in nectar content attracting hummer and butterflies. Fast growing to 6' tall in sun/part-sun.

'Saucy Seduction'

Uniform, compact, free-flowering and new for 2013. Attracts butterflies. Grows to 24" in sun/part-sun.

Nodding spurred blooms, in a range of  colors are carried delicately on tall wiry stems growing 24". Plant  Fall-Spring. Re-seeding
Silver Mound

A great silver-grey accent with lacy foliage that looks and feels soft as can be. Cascades to 10" in sun/part-sun.

'Visions in Red'

Deep red buds open pinky red in mid July. Bronze-green foliage. More drought-tolerant than other species. Grows to 15" in part shade.

Butterfly Bush

Graceful arching blooms attracts butterflies. New varieties stay more compact and flowers continuously. Grows 3'-6' in sun/part-sun.

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed, also known as butterfly milkweed, is a butterfly magnet to especially Monarchs.  One of our Favorites!

'Clips Deep Blue Chips'

'Blue Chips' is a compact, mounded Bellflower with deep blue, cup-shaped flowers. Grows to 8" in part sun/shade.

Spectacular floral beauty and lush foliage only 2-3' tall. These are ideal for low beds, borders and specimen plantings. Grows 2'-6' in sun/part sun.
'Jupiter's Beard'

Grey-green fleshy leaves
 with dense clusters of rosy-red´╗┐ flowers for many weeks. Attracts butterflies. Grows to 24"-36" in sun/part-sun.
'Swan Series'

Large, out-facing blooms of red, burgundy and yellow, with attractive cut-leaf foliage. Re-seeding perennial blooms  from Fall thru May. Louisiana Super Plant.
'Big Bang Series'

New intros gives us a wider range of color with exceptional blooms and toughness all season! Grows 12"-36" in sun/part-sun.


'Cigar & Batface'

The foliage is dark-green and shiny and  blooms continually form all summer long. Humingbirds are highly attracted to these! Grows 2' in sun/part sun.


Very tolerant of drought, and irresistible to butterflies, a gardener's best friend for low-maintenance care with a wide range of big color!

'Summer Sky'

Large flowers that fade in pastel shades from orange to pink like a summer sky at the end of a long hot day. Fragrant butterfly attractor. Grows 2'-3' in sun/part sun.

Elephant Ear

Striking foliage with large, upright leaves give a dramatic effect in a container or the garden. Grow in moist soil. Comes in a variant of colors and sizes. Shade/part shade.
 'Joe Pye Weed'

 Purple-red stems, dark green foliage, and large mauve-purple flowers. Attracts butterflies in droves! Grows 18" in sun/part sun.

'Camelot Mix'

Large tubular flowers in rich colors. Blooms in spring and again in fall. Grows 3'-4' in sun/part sun.

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