Shade Trees

   The multiple uses of shade trees are so vast yet comforting.  They come in so many different shapes sizes and colors it can be hard to decide which one would be best for your yard.  Please call for CURRENT AVAILABILITY...
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Fan Tex Ash
Keeps lush look even in adverse conditions.  Golden yellow fall color.  Resistant to borers.  Fast growth to 35'-40'.

Raywood Ash
  Unique dark green foliage.  Exceptional burgundy red fall color.  Fast growing to 40' to 50'.

Green Ash
Good form, adapts well to wide range of sites.  Relatively free from insects and diseases.  Fast growing to 50'.

Bald Cypress
  Narrow, growth habit.  Tolerant of shade when young.  Commonly seen near water, but make a lovely landscape tree.  Grow 70'.

Pond Cypress
Needles are more feathery and droopy.  Tolerates blackwaters, ponds and swamps without silt-rich flood deposits.  Grows 70'.

Black Gum
Tolerates many soil types.  One of the best fall color trees.  Grows fast to 80'.

Lacebark Elm
Distinctive mottled, shedding bark.  Gives a graceful shade.  Grows to 40'-50'.


Its crown is rounded and upright with large, heart shaped, medium green leaves.  Grows 50'-60'.

Corkscrew Willow
Its twisted limbs and branches make this an unusual but desireable tree.  Exceptionally strong and hardy.  Grows to 30'-40'.

Weeping Willow
Graceful, refined and easily recognized.  Fast growing to 50'.

Southern Magnolia
Large, white fragrant blooms in early summer.  Evergreen tree with rich green thick leaves.  Grows to 60'-70'.

Drummond Red Maple
Also referred to as a swamp maple, it is the native maple that most others are derived from.  Fast growing to 40'-60'.


Peeling bark leaving white smooth bark.  Very large leaves.  Grows very fast to 90'-100'.

Sawtooth Oak
Heavy acorn producer.  No serious disease or insect problems and has yellow fall color.  Fast growing to 60'70'.

Shumard Oak
Large dependabel tree can reach 70'.  Tolerates urban areas.  Excellent fall color.

Willow Oak
A handsome oak with willow-like leaves. Grows fast to 70'-80' with russet fall color.

Live Oak

A southern symbol of strength.  Medium to fast growth rate to 60' or more.  Evergreen.

Slash Pine
One of the common pine in the south.  Fairly fast growth to 80'.  Evergreen.

Southern Magnolia
Large beautiful rich green leaves with large fragrant flowers.  Grows to 60'-70'.