Successful Summer Tomatoes

Successful Summer Tomatoes

There's still time to have a successful garden! Growing Summer Tomatoes can be rewarding by following a few simple techniques.

~Begin by choosing summer growing tomatoes that have the heat-set genetic makeup. Some of these include Sunmaster, S
olar Set, Heat Wave II, Sunchaser, and Sun Leaper. You can also start your own from seed a month or so in advance of summer.

~Next plant your tomato plants deep to access cooler soil and better soil moisture. Set plants in 6-inch-deep holes, up to about the first true leaf.

~Be sure and water in the mornings. Morning watering is thought to keep roots cooler and plants less stressed in the hot afternoon.

~Always mulch plants well to cool roots and even out soil moisture. Using a light colored mulch is recommended. Dark mulches get too hot in the summer.

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