The Art of Container Gardening

        The Art of Container Gardening

Step 1: Container Choice
When choosing a container, it is important to pick one with drainage holes.  Also, the container should be large enough to provide for the growth of the plant(s).

Step2: Location
The placement of the container(s) will determine what plants you can fill it with.  Every plant that blooms requires some amount of sun.  If you choose a spot with no or only indirect sun, your plant choices will be limited to mostly fern-like or foliage plants.

Step 3: Soil
Choose one that will provide drainage and some water retention at the same time.  When planting a shrub or tree, a heavier soil can be used.  When planting bedding plants, a lighter soil should be used.  When combining both in a container, you can mix the heavier and the lighter soil together for a happy median.  You get what you pay for in soils.  A 99 cent bag will be a poor type of soil.

Step 4: Theme
Decide on a ‘theme’.  Hummingbird, Butterfly, Fairy Garden, Herb, Color Theme, ect.  This will help decide what your center-point of interest will be, so that you can create out from there.

Step 5: Point of Interest
The Point of Interest will be what draws your eye to the container.  It will usually be larger or taller than the rest of the plants in your container and is the beginning of the expression of your theme.  One pot can express more than one theme.  For example, if your theme is Butterfly, many plants that attract butterflies also attract hummingbirds and visa versa.  Also, there are herbs that attract as well, so that you can combine an herb, butterfly, and hummingbird theme.

Step 6: Choosing Plants
Choosing your plants will require some research.  Read the labels and ask, ask, ask!  Plant labels are generic for the whole United States.  A plant that will take full sun in the North, will not in the South.  Height and width of the plants have to be considered as well.  Pick plants that will not grow to overwhelm your containers and are easily contained.

Step 7: Planting
Lay out your plants and decide the placement of your choices.   Place your Point of Interest Plant either in the middle or at the back of your container then plant out from there.   When you come to a happy place…dig in and plant.  Loosen the roots when they seem tight. 

Step 8: Fertilize
Sprinkle a slow release fertilizer of your choice over the top of the soil, then water in with  Root Stimulator.

Step 9: Finished Product
Enjoy your ‘Work of Art’!