Citrus Trees

Citrus are successfully grown in containers that can be brought inside, even an unheated garage will do.  They grow and produce fruit for many years but may remain at a height of only 4-6 ft. even after several years in a container.  We carry a large selection of LSU Recommended varieties for our area and state.


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Brown Select Satsuma

Bright orange fruit is extremely sweet, and flavorful. Seedless and easy peel. Ripens Oct.-Dec. Developed by LSU.
St. Ann Satsuma

An early, heavy producer. Very sweet, juicy and seedless. Ripens Aug.- Sept. Developed by LSU.
Navel Orange

They’re seedless, peel easily, and are thought to be one of the world’s best-tasting oranges.


Very sweet flesh and rind. All parts of the fruit is edible. Heavy bearer. Ripens Nov.- Feb.

Improved Myer Lemon

Thin skinned juicy and delicious fruit. Very popular. Ripens Oct.-Dec.

Ponderosa Lemon

Produces delicious, very large fruit. Thought to have originated in the late 1800's.

Variegated Lemon

Beautiful fruit inside and out. Less acidic than lemon with delicious fruit. Ripens Oct.-Dec.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Sweet, juicy, and very nutricious. The official state fruit of Texas.


A famous type of lime, producing juicy, delicious fruit in the fall.