Chimp Haven Donation Program


  Individual Fruit (Tax Included)
Blueberry,  Raspberry and Grapevine (1 gallon size) $12.88
Muscadine (2 gallon size) $21.51
Apple, Peach (5'-6') $23.66

To make a donation click the 'Donate' button above
and enter the amount you would like to donate.

Be sure to include your contact information in the
'Special Instructions' field and we will
you to finalize the donation process.

  Blueberry, Blackberry (3 gallon size') $23.66
Fruiting Mulberry (3 gallon size) $42.20
Pomegranite (3 gallon size) $37.68
Pear, Peach, Plum, Nectarine, Apple, Fig (6'-7') $37.68
Persimmon (6'-7) $42.89
  Improved Myer Lemon        $46.30.   CITRUS   Herbs (18 ct. flats mixed) $63.57
  Brown Select Satsuma.       $46.30.   CITRUS   Vegetables (36 ct. flats mixed) $21.62
  SWEET POTATO VINE.        $59.96 18 CT. FLATS   Tomatoes (50ct. flats) $54.18
Landscape Plants (Tax Included)      


Louisiana Nursery and Chimp Haven have built a
partnership in an effort to plant an extensive fruit
orchard, grow and maintain, then harvest the fruit
for the chimpanzees.   By growing food onsite at
Chimp Haven we are able to save money on fresh
food costs, reduce our energy footprint, and reduce
pesticides entering our local ecosystem.  
Click on
these links
 Fruit Trees and Small Fruits And Vines,
to view the fruit trees, berries and vines we offer.

With the increasing expansion of our facility to
house an ever growing number retiring Chimps,
our donation needs have come to include the
following Landscape Items. Click on these links,
Flowering/Shade Trees, Shrubs, RosesCommon
Encore AzaleasFlowering Vines,
and Annuals to view what we offer.

Select your choice and donate them to Chimp Haven!
Louisiana Nursery will then deliver your donation to
Chimp Haven. It’s quick, simple
, and completely tax


Visit the official Chimp Haven website here.


    Individual 1 Gallon 3 Gallon
*Crape Myrtle (Common Varieties)   $12.76 $21.42
*Sassanqua (All Varieties and Colors)     $26.78
*Camellia (All Varieties and Colors)     $32.15
*Palms (10 g. size available too!)     $42.89
*Daylilies (All Varieties and Colors)   $10.73  
*Perennials (1 g. size available too!) $6.41 $10.73  
*Annuals (All Varieties and Colors) $17.19    
Grasses Ornamental   $9.61 $21.42


1 Gallon 3 Gallon      
*Roses Garden   $17.19      
Julia Child   $23.56      
Knock Outs   $23.78      
Climbers   $20.43      


Common Flowering/Evergreen $7.53 $21.51      
Premium Flowering/Evergreen $10.78 $27.03      
*Vines (Confederate and Carolina Jasmine) $10.73 $21.62      
*Azaleas (All Varieties) $7.53 $20.53      




*Wax Myrtle


(All Varieties)



Large Leaf






      *Flowering Trees
5 Gallon
Cleveland Select Pear $35.37      
Red Bud $35.52      
Purple Leaf Plum $26.90      
Pink or White Dogwood $43.07      
Southern Magnolia


      *Shade Trees
5 Gallon
Maples $37.68      
Oaks $37.68      
Cottonless Cottonwood $26.90      
Weeping Willow $31.21      
Bald Cypress $37.68      
River Birch $37.68      
Ash $37.68      
Lacebark Elm $26.90      
*Sweet Gum 
*Banana Tree