Why is Fall For Planting?

It is absolutely proven to be the most effective time of year to plant shrubs, trees, perennials, vegetables and many other things.

 What makes it such a GREAT time to plant?
1) Temperatures are more moderate this time of year, with mild days followed by cool nights.

2) Generally, rains are sufficient this time of year to not require irrigation as often as in the heat of the summer.
3) Soil temperatures have gradually decreased making it optimal for root growth.
4) Fewer insects and disease problems that could damage your new tree or shrub.

When planting in the Fall of the year, plants will gradually flow into their dormancy with the lengthening of the nights and first frosts. There isn't much time for active growth in the Fall. The energy stored goes to growing and strengthening the root system for even stronger, healthier plants in Spring. Often, this head start will increase the chance of survival through our long, hot southern summers.

Fall is also the perfect time to plant Pansies, Snapdragons, Violas, Dianthus and your favorite spring bulbs too!