Landscape Shrubs- Common

Edward Gouch

Grows to 4' with fragrant blooms all summer.

Wintergreen Boxwood

Grows to 3'. Evergreen with lush green color.
Dwarf Burford Holly

Evergreen to 3' with red berries in winter.
Compacta Holly

Evergreen to 3'x3'. Looks similar to a boxwood.
Cleyera Japonica

Evergreen to 5' with bronze new growth.

Spring bloomer grows 5'x5' with upright branches with golden flowers.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

Spring bloomer 5'x5' with graceful arching branches.
Dwarf Youpon Holly

Evergreen 3'x3' with tight shape.
Blue Rug Juniper

Spreading evergreen to 1' high to 6' wide.
Indian Hawthorn

Evergreen 3'x3' with white or pink blooms in spring.


Red Or Pink Oleander

Evergreen 6'x6' with all summer blooms.