Spring and Summer Annuals

  'Annuals' refer to a wide variety of plants that do not come back from root stock after a winter of rest.  Annuals are most often used because of the exceptional color and garden performance they give in a particular season.  Some annuals will come back from seed or root in our warm winters.  If you do not see your favorite annual please let us know!
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Masses of fuzzy blue flowers adorn this low growing plant. Grows 6"-10" tall in sun to part sun.

 Airplane (spider) Plant

Variegated green and white striped makes it perfect for hanging baskets and pots.

Clusters of very fragrant tiny flowers on a low spreading plant.  Grows 6"-8" tall.

'Serena Series'

Orchid-like blooms all season loving sun and heat! Louisiana Super Plant.
   Asparagus Fern

Bright green whispy fronds thive in sun or shade. Great for hanging baskets.


Nice open, trailing blooms all season is showy in part sun areas.

Banana Tree

Large green leaves on an upright tree give a tropical look to any landscape.


Masses of low growing color is great for borders and pots. Blooms all season.

Blue Daze

Sky blue,trailing, loves our sun and heat.  Great for hanging baskets and pots.  Grows 8"-10".


Sun and heat thriving tropical. Continuous blooms even in harsh summer conditions.


Lots of different colors enhance this shade loving foliage. Plant in mass for best effect.


Gobbs of mini petunia blooms all season. Best for containers where they can cascade in sun/part-sun.


Feathery plumes in all colors make this a great flower bed or pot plant in sun/part-shade. 10"-15".


Some love sun, some love shade. Will brighten every corner either way you choose.


So many colors, so many versions! Exceptional performance whatever you choose.


Blooms most of the year in an assortment of color. Can be considered a perennial. Part-sun.

Dusty Miller

Wonderful accent plant, in sun or shade.  Grows year round 12"-15".

Elephant Ears

Large, lush leaves sprout from a bulb that can multiply in a moist area. Perennial 5'x5'.


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