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'Fanfare Blaze'

Single, red, tubular trumpet-like flowers with yellow at the tips. It's compact size is perfect for butterfly gardens. Grows 12" in sun/part sun.
'Passionate Rainbow'

A compact and colorful selection with green leaves edged in white, and pinky-red overtones. Soft pink flowers with magenta centers bloom late spring to fall. Grows 15" in sun/part sun.
Gerbera Daisy
'Mega Revolution'

An elegant long-season blooms.  Excellent for beds, containers,borders and cutting gardens. Grows 12"-15" in sun/part sun.
Hamelia Patens

It's long tubular flowers contain high nectar content that attracts all hummingbirds and butterflies! Loves sun and heat! Tender perennial grows 3'-5' tall.
'Raspberry Ripple'

Deep raspberry blooms brushed with white, compact and drought resistant. Grows 12"x12" in sun/part sun.
'Fragrant Delight'

Wonderfully fragrant, compact size attracts butterflies like crazy! Grows 18" in afternoon sun. Tender perennial.

The blooms on this rose mallow can be up to 12" across. A sure 'stand out!' Plant in a moist sunny location.


One of many varieties to choose from...
pure-white margins,  with dark-green centers, slightly puckered leaves. Shade loving!
'Orchid Frost'

Orchid-pink flowers during both the spring and the fall. Thrives in full sun or partial shade and grows rapidly to 4"-6".

'Anne Marie'

The brightly colored flowers of Lantana are excellent for attracting hummingbirds and Butterflies. Sun and heat loving!
'Twins Hot Pink'

A beautiful array of fully round, glowing satiny hot pink blooms from end May to September. Grows 12"-20" in sun/part sun.

'Brass Buttons'

Fern-like foliage that creeps to form a soft, fuzzy mat.  Very low growing and great for a shade groundcover.
'Floristan Violet'

Sun. Well drained soil. Spikes of violet flower from June to August. Attracts butterflies. Grows 24".
'Russian Statice'

Spikes that are curled and covered with purple-pink flowers. Great for cut flowers. Grows 18".

'Cardinal Flower'

The tubular flowers are a favorite with hummingbirds and butterflies.
Moist, part sun is best. Grows 20"-24".
Mexican Petunia
'Katie's Dwarf'

About 6 inches in height, needs no deadheading, flowers all season long. Tough and able to grow in hot, dry neglected spots. Grows 6".

'Jacob Cline'

Intensely glowing red, large flowers attracts hummingbirds! Grows 36" in part shade.

Clusters of blush pink, lily-shaped flowers atop rich burgundy foliage. Shade loving. Grows 4"-6".


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