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'Butterfly Series'

Nectar-rich flower clusters all season in vibrant red, pink, and purple that act as a butterfly beacon. Loves sun and heat. Grows 12"-15".
'Husker's Red

 Colorful, drought tolerant, with maroon upper stems and foliage. White flowers on an erect stem all season. Attracts birds and butterflies.  Grows 2'-3' in sun.
'Darjeeling Red'

Evergreen with small bell-shaped blooms in white or pink flower spikes. Grows in sun/part sun to 10"-12".

Fragrant fuchsia-purple blooms with white star. Butterflies find phlox irresistible. Grows 24"-30" in sun/part sun.

'Imperial Blue'

This shrub fast growing with  profusion of sky blue flowers all season. Attracts butterflies and loves sun and heat.

'Toto Mix'

Very showy and compact. Blooms all season in sun and heat. Attracts butterflies. Grows to 8"-10".
'Tangerine Scarlet'

Striking red flowers mid-late summer.  Citrus scented. Attracts hummingbirds!  Use for meat, poultry, and fish cooking.  Grows 20" in sun/part sun.
'Victoria Blue'

This mealy-cup sage
features large deep blue flowers from summer to fall. Attracts hummingbirds in droves. Grows 15" in sun/part sun.
'Butterfly Blue'

Lavender-blue flowers that look like pincushions surrounded by frilly petals.
Long blooming, attracts butterfiles! Grows 12"-24".
'Fan Flower'

Lovely, large fan shaped flowers all season. Loves sun and heat! Atracts butterflies! Very tough! Grows 10"-15".

Shasta Daisy

Large white flowers with yellow centers held on 3- to 4-foot-tall, strong stems. Great garden performance. Sun/part sun.


Hummingbirds love shrimp plants and this one is no exception. Shade loving. Blooms all season!
'Homestead Purple'

A vigorous trailing plant with large dark purple flower clusters. Profusion of blooms all season. Attracts butterflies! Grows 6"-8" in sun/part sun.

'Sunny Border Blue'

Showy dark violet-blue spikes are an eye-catching favorite. Thrives in sun and heat! Attracts butterflies! Grows 15"-20".

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