Louisiana SuperPlants 2010


Fall 2010

Dianthus 'Amazon Series'

  The Amazon Dianthus produces clusters of flowers from rose to cherry to purple and easily reaches 24" tall on long stems perfect for cutting.  It has excellent cold and heat tolerance.

Foxglove 'Camelot Series'

  Foxglove Camelot has large tubular blooms of rich color up to 5" long and has silver hued foliage.  Grows tall up to 4'.  Plant in groups of 3 or more to draw more attention to the garden than a single plant.

  Camellia Gashira 'Shi Shi'

  Camellia Shi Shi is a low, spreading evergreen that reaches a height of 3'x3'.  It's beautiful rosy/red blooms are a showstopper from October-December.  Excellent drought tolerance.

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