Louisiana SuperPlants 2011


Spring 2011

Angelonia 'Serena Series'
Outstanding performance during the hottest summer weather.  Masses of flower spikes cover this plant from late spring until frost.  Grows 12"-14" tall.

'Butterfly' Penta
Butterfly Pentas Mix
Nectar-rich flower clusters all season in vibrant red, pink, and purple that act as a butterfly beacon. Loves sun and heat. Grows 12"-15".

Frostproof Gardenia
 Evergreen produces fragrant, double, velvety white flowers in May and sproradically through the summer.  Grows 4' tall.

'Shoal Creek' Vitex
  This small tree is a butterfly/hummingbird magnet.  Its tough, yet gorgeous.  Its 12" fragrant flower spikes of deep lavender blue bloom during summer into fall.  Grows 10-15'.

Fall 2011


Columbine 'Swan Series'
The Swan Series produces large flowers in a wide range of colors.  Attractive blue-gray foliage adds interest and texture to winter flower gardens.  Grows 20"-24" tall.

Kale 'Redbor'
The Redbor Kale is an incredible multi-use annual producing striking dark red-purple, finely curled foliage.  When planted in the fall, it stays attractive until May.  Grows 30".

Rose ' Belinda's Dream'
  A low- maintenance, easy care landscape rose.  Excellent disease resistance with medium-pink fully double fragrant blooms.  Grows 4' tall.

Southern Sugar Maple
This Sugar Maple is a native tree with a moderate to fast growth rate up to 40' tall.  The trees seem to 'fire-up' as the leaves turn yellow-orange to scarlet in the fall.

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