Louisiana SuperPlants 2013

Spring 2013

ittle Ruby Althernantera

A great, low-maintenance plant with a compact growth habit.  Beautiful foliage in shades of burgundy and purple adds rich color.

Bandana Lantana

The very large flowers cover the plant from summer through fall.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to this plant, but deer are resistant to feeding on it.
Aphrodite Althea

Gorgeous single pink blooms with burgundy centers on an upright shrub.  Blooms from early summer until frost growing 6 ft.

Fall 2013

Diamonds Blue Delphinium
Best planted in the Fall of the year for cool weather enjoyment. This electric color will make you redefine your love of blue!  Grows 12"-14" in full to part sun.
Drift Rose

The low, spreading habit of this easy rose comes in a big choice of colors.  Perfect for landscape and containers, blooming all season!
Willow Oak

This fast growing native oak makes a perfect shade tree providing small acorns for wildlife.

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