Louisiana SuperPlants 2012


Senorita Rosalita Cleome

Blooms late Spring through frost.  Loves the heat and is very drought tolerant.  Bees, Butterflies and hummingbirds are highly attracted to the lavender-pink blooms.



A heat and stress tolerant winner!  Its vigorous, upright mounded growth is covered with masses of pink or white blooms from late Spring until frost.




Penny Mac Hydragea

Produces abundant mophead blooms of deep-blue or pink in May and again in the Fall.  Great for cut, dried flowers.  Excellent landscape performance.  Grows 4'x4'.


FALL 2012

Sorbet Violas

Its uniform habit with masses of delicate, happyy flowers on compact plants is a true garden charmer.  Excellent garden performance from Fall through May.

Conversation Piece Azalea

This azalea produces blooms that range from dark pink to nearly white with darker pink center blotches all at once.  Blooms in Spring and Fall.  Definately something to talk about!  Grows 3'x3'.


Evergreen Sweetbay Magnolia

This flowering evergreen tree produces creamy white, fragrant flowers in mid-spring through summer.  Large dark green leaves have 'silver' lining on the backside, making the leaves appear to 'dance' in the breeze.  Wonderful accent tree grows 30'x20'.


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